How Do I Sell My Timeshare?

If you own or are buying a timeshare and do not want to keep it for whatever reason, you may be wondering “how do I sell my timeshare?”  This article will give you some ideas of ways to list your timeshare for sale.  With a little bit of research, you may be able to sell your timeshare without too much of a hassle.

Where ever you decide to list your timeshare for sale, do ask questions about the fees you will be charged for selling and any closing and title fees you may be responsible for.  Most of the time, fees like this can be negotiable between the buyer and seller, but find out what the norm is so that you are prepared for any costs you may have to pay.

Contact the office where your timeshare is located and ask if they can sell it for you or have any prospects looking at that location.  If they are still selling new units, they probably won’t be interested in trying to sell yours for you, but you won’t know until you ask.

A real estate agent that specialized in timeshares in your area may be an option for you.  You will need to discuss fees and also the desirability of your location to see if this is an option for you.  Real estate agents may charge a higher fee, but if you feel the agent can sell it for you fast, the higher fees may be worth it to you.

Timeshare resale brokers may be able to sell your timeshare quickly for you but there are also fees to consider.  Many charge an up-front fee to handle your property.  If this is the case, ask if they will take it on commission.  Your commission will most likely be higher than if you paid the up-front fee, but if you’re tight on money, it could be an option for you.

The internet is another option for you, especially if you feel comfortable in handling all of the selling details by yourself.  Do your homework on finding out what other timeshares like yours in the same location have been selling for.  Use only reputable services.  eBay and Craigslist are two online sites that could show your timeshare to a lot of potential buyers for very little money to list your property.

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