Is Buying A Timeshare A Good Investment?

Buying a timeshare is an investment in your future vacations or holidays.  You are purchasing a week’s accomodations in a vacation spot that you enjoy.  You may even be able to trade your week to another location that is owned by the same timeshare company.  As a financial investment though, timeshares generally do not provide any return on your money. 

Timeshare ownerships are usually sold for half or less of the original purchase price.  Everything sounds great when you are at the presentation and the benefits and luxuries are being extolled to you.  Sometimes after you have purchased the property you discover that the location isn’t what you wanted or your week that you own is a difficult time of year for you to get away.

Once you have decided that you want to sell your timeshare, getting someone else to buy it will be a problem.  Most timeshares being sold by the owner go for half or less of the original purchase price.  Are you prepared to take a loss on the price or is getting out from under more important to you?  It may be you are at the point where not being responsible for paying the maintenance fees are enough for you.

Purchasing a timeshare in the first place is not a good investment, unless you are positive that you want to spend your vacation time in the location that you bought for the rest of your life.  Most people like to go and see different things on their vacations, so after a few years, the excitement of owning the timeshare wears off.  You may not even be using it any more.  In that case, cut your losses, dump it as fast as you can and get out from under paying those maintenance fees.  Put those fees towards your vacation fund instead!

Once you’ve decided the lowest price you will take for your timeshare, think about how you want to advertise it for sale.  There are places on the internet, like Craigslist and USFreeAds that you could post an ad for free, or you could try listing it on eBay, which will charge you a fee.  If you don’t want to try selling it yourself, look on the internet for companies that will sell it for you.  Find out what their fees are so you don’t have any surprises once the property is sold.  Some companies may handle it for you and take their fee out of the selling price.

Research the price and have all your paperwork handy and in order so that when you’ve found a buyer the sale process can move quickly.

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