Reselling Your Timeshare with a Broker

You may be asking yourself should I sell my timeshare through a broker?There are many companies that specialize in timeshare resales.  Some are reputable and some will scam you so spend a little time and be sure to do your research on the companies before deciding which one to list your timeshare with to sell.   If you know people that have sold their timeshares, ask them how they sold their timeshare and if they were satisfied with the brokerage company or any other way they used to sell it.  Ask how much it cost them to sell their timeshare so you know about how much to expect to pay in sellling fees. 

Once you have found a broker or resale company, ask questions about the fees.  Find out if there will be any other charges for advertising so you are not surprised.  Check and see how the company is handling other listings, especially listings that are comparable to the timeshare you are trying to sell.  Do your own background check on the company.  You can find out a lot by searching on the internet.  There are also companies that rate the timeshare resale companies.  Visit those sites and see what they have to say. 

Forums are another way to help you sort the bad from the good.  People are happy and willing to share their personal experiences and you can learn from their mistakes and successes.  After you read the forum posts for a little while, you will get a sense of the top companies that will be good to use.  After that, you will be able to narrow down your short list of companies to the one that you are most comfortable with in using.

Using a broker to resell your timeshare may be advantageous.  Most people buying a timeshare, especially if they are new at it will be more comfortable buying a timeshare through a company instead of a private party.  A broker will also be able to provide a lot more exposure for your timeshare. 

There are more timeshares for sale than there are buyers, so expect to wait quite a while before your timeshare sells.  If you get half of what you paid for it originally, consider yourself lucky.  Look at the vacation time you spent there as spending part of the money that you paid for it.  The best thing about selling your timeshare will be getting rid of the responsibility of owning it and not having to pay the maintenance fees anymore.

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