Tips for Selling Your Timeshare

When you first bought your timeshare, you probably didn’t think of having to sell it in the future. If you did, whoever sold it to you probably told you stories about how you could make money on it. You’ve probably found out by now that is not true in most cases. However, thinking back to when you purchased your timeshare can help you sell your timeshare now.

What were the features that attracted you to buying it in the first place? Think of everything, even little things. Was it price, location, affordability, week of the year, decor? Break each of those items down into specifics to help you get to know your potential buyer.

Price.  Are you ok with selling your timeshare for less than what you paid for it?  Many people are, just to get out from under the maintenance fees you are charged every year.  Research timeshares that are similar to yours and find out what they have sold for, not from the company but the ones that have been sold privately.  That way you will know what a realistic price is to ask for your timeshare and if you are happy selling it for that price.

Location.  What is good about the location of your timeshare?  Why did you buy a timeshare there?  List all the good points about the location, down to proximity of local businesses that are good to have nearby:  restaurants, shopping, theaters, etc.

Affordability.  That might have been a reason that you purchased it in the first place.  The buyers you will be dealing with will want an even better deal because that is why they’re not looking to buy from a timeshare company.  Price it to sell.  Consider pricing your timeshare 1-2% below the average market price.

Week of the Year.  Think about what is great about the week of the year that you have your timeshare.  What activities are available?  If there really isn’t anything and it’s quiet, write that  down.  That could be a selling point for someone who wants peace and quiet on their vacation.

Decor.  How nicely decorated is the timeshare and the building it is in?  Is it peaceful, exciting, elegant, tropical?  Think of how it looks and how it makes you feel…that’s a selling point!

Using these tips when you’re in the thinking stage of “I want to sell my timeshare” will help you know your buyer and present your timeshare in the best possible light.  You don’t want your buyer to feel like if you don’t want your timeshare, neither do I.

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2 Responses to Tips for Selling Your Timeshare

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  2. John Gallagher says:

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